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Parent Testimonials and Therapy Feedback

R - Mum of A:


So glad to have had your support through A’s EHCP getting approved, right up to an offer of a place at (school name).  Thank you for everything that has helped up make that happen for him.



L – 7 years old:


Thank you for all you have done for me. You have helped me with past tense words and structured my English. You are the best Laura because you are fun and you teach people pretty good.

M – Mum of O (assessment and intervention completed via Zoom over lockdown):


I approached Laura when I realised that adults could not always consistently understand my son, which, as a mum, can be upsetting. We worked with Laura and instantly saw an improvement. After each lesson, she provided us with resources to support his learning at home. My son really enjoyed the sessions as she made them fun, even though we were doing them over video calls (I even enjoyed them and enjoyed her sense of humour). I now feel confident to tackle my son’s speech and so happy with our progress. A big thank you to Laura.


L – Mum of B:


Our daughter has been seeing Laura for 2 years now and the progress she has made has been incredible. We felt at ease from our first session and our daughter always enjoyed them. Laura was always able to engage her and personalise all the activities to keep her attention. Laura was always professional, on time and would respond to any questions we had. Laura was extremely helpful in gaining the help our daughter needs for nursery and starting school and we aren’t sure where we would be without her.


J – Mum of I:

I was advised by my child’s nursey that my son was experiencing a delay in his speech and language at age 2 and half years old. I subsequently was recommended by a friend of Laura and her services and was lucky enough to receive a consultation. I eventually went on to book Laura in for monthly visits to our home which meant that my son was comfortable in the environment of his own home. My son and Laura built a wonderful and trusting rapport. I was amazed at Laura’s professionalism and her ability to keep my son focused for an entire hour with a myriad of games which explored my son’s understanding, attention levels, comprehension and so much more. Laura herself has been a great communicator especially during the lockdown, always offering words of encouragement and positivity. My son made great progress and has now been discharged.

S – Mum of D:

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for D. He’s thrived under your care. You’ve boosted his confidence so much. We will all really miss you coming over! D loves seeing you. Thanks for everything Laura.

G – Mum of J:

Laura has supported our family for over a year and during some very difficult times over the global pandemic. She has contributed to provide my son with a high level of service and we are eternally grateful for the input he has had. My son loves spending time with Laura and has developed a lovely relationship with her as a result, he always looked forward to his sessions. We are extremely sad that our time with Laura has now come to an end but so proud of the progress that our son has made with her in such a short period of time. She tailors all therapy to the child’s needs and interests to ensure that it’s exciting and different for them each time. She always has great advice and is very informative to me as the parent when I have worries or concerns. I wish Laura and her future clients the best of luck for the future. We will be keeping in touch with our progress.

 V – Mum of E.

“Laura is very kind and understanding; our daughter took to her almost immediately and sits waiting for her to arrive.  I have never seen our daughter jump into her chair eager to start a therapy session before, with any other therapist! Her initial assessment was great and gave us some comfort and a better understanding of why our daughter had been struggling. Laura took note of the Occupational Therapists’ recommendations for our daughter and has incorporated these techniques into the beginning of each session, to ensure our daughter is relaxed and ready to learn. Laura took note of our daughter’s, likes and dislikes and has structured her sessions around activities that keep her interested and engaged. Our daughter can be challenging at times, but Laura is very calm and patient.


C – Mum of J

“My son was not talking at the age of 2 and I was very concerned. Despite attending speech and language therapy lessons for 1.5 years via the NHS, there was no significant improvement with my son’s speech and behaviour. I then started looking for a private speech and language therapist. I came across Laura’s profile, after our first conversation I knew I had to go with her, she was extremely polite, friendly, warm and most importantly professional. We had the first session and Laura was just great, my son’s tantrums did not have any impact on training and she was not phased at all. She was able to handle him which as just a breath of fresh air. She gave me some great tips which I began to put to practice. After 5 lessons with Laura I can now say my son can sit and read a book with me. His speech has really really improved, he is now using sentences. His understanding also has improved, we can teach him for a whole hour and he will sit and engage, which was a big deal as previously he wouldn’t even sit to be taught for 5 minutes. He now interacting with other children and the tantrums have really reduced. Lastly the change has been so significant that his nursery, family and friends have seen the changes. All I can say is thank you Laura, you really gave me hope and I can wait to see the next great steps my son will take.” 


Mum of H

"After the NHS/the school signed my son off for having completed his speech therapy, I was still concerned about the way he was communicating. After searching I found Laura's profile online and it fit our needs. She responded right away and we were fortunate to get a time slot amongst her busy schedule. Laura was an absolute pleasure, her style is with ease and she is very thorough in her explanations and exercises. I highly recommend her service and look forward to working with her again."

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